ASHGABAT, the EU funded project “Support for Public Administration Capacity Building in Turkmenistan” organized the next round of the TOT workshops in modern training methodologies for the teaching staff of the Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan (AoCS). The workshop was conducted with online participation of the project international expert Mr. Klemen Belhar in the conference hall of AoCS.

The aim of the workshop was to present the handbook “Active training – instructions for trainers” developed by Mr. Klemen Belhar as well as to introduce contemporary teaching, training, and learning methods to the participants.

At the beginning of the event the Project Team Leader Mr. Folkert Milch highlighted the progress made in the development of the MPA program in AoCS as well as the importance of the ToT workshop in the improvement of skills of the lecturers. 

During the workshop, Mr. Belhar presented the content of the handbook and explained about its aim, which approaches the learning process from a different angle and describes the situation where an adult person becomes a civil servant, or a civil servant is trained in additional skills.

The presentation of the expert outlined the importance of providing a learning process for future civil servants and training the civil servants who are or will be capable to provide a service for the state and its citizens. The expert brought to the attention of the participants that the trainer has to be involved in activities that happen with the trainees even after the evaluation, i.e. after the completion of the training.

The workshop covered very interesting points on the training, such as “Evaluation tells all parties involved if the training provides expected reactions, learning, behavior, and result”, “Even when the training is recognized as effective and successful, there will be some adaptations and improvement to be done” and “Training is a constant process and it is a responsibility of a trainer”.

The ToT workshops with the participation of Mr. Klemen Belhar are always conducted interactively with active participation of the teaching staff, which help the participants to elaborate new training methods and practice the modern training methods introduced by the expert.

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