Workshop on development of the module on Economics


Ashgabat, 19 April 2019 – Workshop to present the modules on main components of economy was organized, with participation of the Project Senior Expert Axel Koetz in the Gala cultural center. 

The idea of the workshop was to present one of the main subjects of the modules, developed for the MPA program within the framework of the EU funded project “Support for Public Administration and Capacity building in Turkmenistan” with the joint efforts of the project senior experts and senior teachers of the Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan (AoSC).

The workshop contained three sections.  Senior teacher of the AoSC, Ogultach Soyunova presented the Section-1 of the workshop.  Her presentation was about introduction to the module of economic theory, microeconomics and market relations. She spoke about the course and accreditation of the syllabus, expected results from the course, methods of teaching and learning, thematic plan of the course and its parts.

Senior teacher of the AoCS, Hajymyrat Pirmuhammedov presented the Section 2.  He presented the syllabus “Macroeconomic Theory and Policy”, which included main parameters of the course, course innovativeness, National priorities and international experience of macroeconomic theory and policy, expected course results, assessment etc…

Hajymyrat Pirmuhammedov also presented the aim of the AoCS stating, “Listeners of the AoCS join it as lower level civil servants, after completion the current courses of the AoCS they become middle level civil servants, so our expectation is that after completion of MPA program courses they may occupy higher levels of public administration”. 

Project senior expert, Axel Koetz presented the Section 3.  He presented public finance, economic part of the master’s curricula and interrelation of economic parts: microeconomics, macroeconomics and public finance.  The presentation gave an overview on public finance – state functions, welfare maximization and public choice, public expenditure, public revenues, public debt, budget making and budget controlling and parafiscals.

Presented topics of the workshop raised different questions and opinions on the subject, but after interesting discussions and disputes the main objective of the workshop was achieved, i.e. the advantages and disadvantages of the module on economic parts were identified and relevant lessons were learnt for its improvement and finalization.

In general, the workshop presented a very well done work in relation to development of the module on economic parts for the future Master’s Degree Program in Public Administration in Turkmenistan.