Workshop of the Competence Profile for the MPA Program Implementation

ASHGABAT, the EU funded project “Support for Public Administration Capacity Building in Turkmenistan” in cooperation with the Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan (AoCS) conducted a workshop on the Competence Profile for the MPA Program implementation with the online participation of the project international expert Doctor Tatyana Zaitseva. The workshop was organized for the professors and lecturers of the AoCS and other project stakeholders to introduce the competence-based approaches in the education field considering the best international practices, specifically the practice of the Moscow State University. The event took place in the meeting hall of the AoCS.

The Project Team Leader Mr. Folkert Milch and Junior Project Manager Mr. Georgi Kralev joined to the workshop online.  Mr. Milch briefly spoke about the importance of competencies mentioning the availability of the competence framework guidance for future MPA program which can be used by the lecturers as a reference.

Doctor Zaitseva presented the approaches to professional training and further development of state civil servants where she spoke about qualification requirements, competencies, advantages and disadvantages of qualifications-based approach, the history of the concept of “competence”, basic concepts and principles of the competence-based approach and advantages and disadvantages of the competence-based approach in higher education.

Further the expert spoke about the competence-based approach in education demonstrating the topic graphically where she explained the competency model, division of competencies in the education system, competence clusters, competence measurement scales, sources of the MPA graduate competency model, CAF Model, Dublin descriptors and TUNING-PA.

Presented topics drew the attention of the participants and raised many questions. Referring to the experience of the expert at the Moscow University, the participants were interested in the procedure of distribution of the students for doing a practice in the state bodies, organization of the students’ practices, process and requirements of writing theses. Doctor Zaitseva explained the working and preparation processes in details which were very informative and useful for participants.

At the end of the workshop, participants thanked the expert for the very informative presentation, saying: “The workshop was very helpful. It made clear certain important issues for us”. Doctor Zaitseva expressed her readiness for further support and cooperation with the AoCS.

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