Working visit to participate in the NISPAcee Annual Conference

Working visit to Czech Republic will be organized on May 22-27, 2019, in order to participate in the 27th NISPAcee Annual Conference (registration page). More information about NISPAcee–the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe–can be found on their website ( 

Over the course of the Project implementation our team has contacted a number of civil service training institutions in the selected EU member states as well as NISPAcee regarding potential cooperation with the Turkmen Academy of Civil Servants (AoCS).

Objective of the working visit is to support the Academy in establishing partnerships with professional networks, eventually becoming the member of the NISPAcee, participating in their activities and partnering with civil service training institutions in other countries, including Czech Republic.

During the working visit the Turkmen delegation will participate in the annual conference of the NISPAcee, a unique platform for communication and cooperation between different schools of public administration from Europe. This would be the first experience and opportunity for the Turkmen Academy to participate in such a professional meeting and present the case of Turkmenistan. The Turkmen delegation will also have meetings at the Institute for Public Administration Prague to explore the Czech experience and approach to training civil servants.

The skyline of Prague at night, Czech Republic