Project Activities and Achievements up to January 2019

Project Management Activities:

  • Three Meetings of the Project Steering Committee
  • Participation in the International Exhibi-tion and Scientific Conference
  • Participation in the 10th Anniversary of the AoCS.

Activities under Component 1 and 2:

  • Training Needs Analyses (TNA) in the AoCS and three pilot institutions
  • Four workshops on the results of theconducted analyses, TNA methodologyand Training Cycle Management
  • Development of TNA manual
  • Three workshops on Training QualityAssurance System, Improvement of the Training Quality Management Model, based on the best European practices and Examples of quality development for excellent programmes
  • Development of a design of the AoCS Website
  • Round table to present and discuss the concept of the AoCS website
  • Analysis of a potential for e-resource center
  • Elaboration and discussion of recommen- dations for further development of the e-resource center
  • A round table on Civil Service Classifica- tion (CSC)
  • Reports on classificatory of civil servants’positions and preparation of the Register of Civil Servants of Turkmenistan
  • Workshop on Civil Service Classificationin Turkmenistan
  • Workshop to present the results of the Functional Analyses of AoCS
  • Proposal on Org Structure of the future AoCS
  • Five Study/Working visits to European and CIS countries to learn about develop- ment of MPA programs and for establish- ing partnerships.
  • Analysis of the curricula and training courses of AoCS
  • Recommendation for new training pro- grammes
  • Trainings on Environmental Management Tools for Public Administration, Public-Pri- vate Partnership, Environmental Auditing in the Public Sector as part of the Ad- ministrative Management and Control, Economic instruments for environmental management
  • International Conference on the devel- opment of a master’s program in public administration
  • Two meetings of the Working Group (WG) on MPA programs for AoCS
  • Five workshops on Training of Trainers (ToT)
  • Workshop on development and imple- mentation of MPA programs
  • Series of meetings related to develop- ment of curricula on MPA programs.