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Hulla & Co. Human Dynamics (Human Dynamics) is a leading public sector consulting company and a top EuropeAid contractor with proven experience in Turkmenistan and other Central Asia/NIS countries. Human Dynamics has implemented a number of technical assistance projects related to the enhancement of public civil service such as “Support to Public Administration Reform”, Tajikistan, “Support to the Office of the Coordinator for Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina”, and “Support to Public Administration Reform”, Serbia, etc.https://www.humandynamics.org/

GOPA Consultants is the leading German development consulting firm and one of the strongest consulting groups in Europe. Since its founding in 1965, GOPA has successfully implemented over 3,450 management and training projects in more than 130 countries, including in Central Asia. Furthermore, GOPA is a top provider of services aimed at public administration modernisation and civil service reforms, e.g. “Modernisation of local public services (MLPS): Regional planning and programming”, Moldova.https://gopa.de/en/company

Expertise France is the French Agency of International Technical Expertise (AFETI), born from the merger of the six main French technical assistance agencies, and the leading French technical expertise agency with a portfolio of over 450 projects in 80 countries, including in the CIS region. In addition, Expertise France has worked on the creation and the development of various public administration training centres, e.g. within the multi-country project “Establishment of Finance Institutes”.https://www.expertisefrance.fr/web/guest/accueil

The Bulgarian Institute of Public Administration (IPA) was established in 2000 as part of administrative reform in the context of forthcoming EU accession. The mission of the Institute is focused on increasing the professional skills and qualifications of civil servants through trainings in order to develop a modern, effective and citizen-oriented system of public administration. In addition, IPA has developed, implemented and participated in a various international projects and programmes in the field of public administration reform, e.g. “Improvement of the professional skills and qualification of the employees in the Bulgarian public administration through training in training institutions of EU member states”.https://www.ipa.government.bg/en