MPA Workshop – Elaborating a Module Factsheet

The EU funded project “Support for Public Administration Capacity Building in Turkmenistan” conducted the next round of workshops on development of Master’s degree program in Public Administration (MPA) with participation of the project international expert Dr. Klaus Erdmann.  The workshop was organized in the Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan (AoCS) to support and guide the lecturers of AoCS in development and implementation of MPA programme.

During the workshop, Dr. Klaus Erdmann made a detailed overview of the introductory part of the MPA module “Analysis of State Policy, including Impact Assessment of Governmental Programs”. He discussed with the participants the course in general, credits, expected results, expected outcomes and expected competencies from the course, simultaneously comparing them with German teaching techniques. The module was used by the expert for presentation of the Factsheet, which helped the expert in guiding the lecturers how to fill out the columns with appropriate information. Dr. Erdmann explained to the lecturers the importance and usefulness of the Factsheet while establishing the objectives and elaborating the expected competencies of the respective modules of the MPA programme. 

At the end of the workshop Dr. Klaus Erdmann suggested the participants to organize working groups among them and complete the Factsheet considering the modules they are responsible for.  The expert noted that the elaborated Factsheets will be discussed in the next round of the MPA workshop.  

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