First meeting of the Working Group on Human Resources Management

The first meeting of the Working Group on Human Resources Management (WGHRM) was conducted on 9 December 2019 in the Paytagt business center with participation of the international expert Mr. Harry List. The meeting was organized within the framework of the EU funded project “Support for Public Administration Capacity Building in Turkmenistan” to provide support for professional development and development of new skills and competencies of managers and employees of Human Resources departments.

The participants of the meeting were representatives of HR department of the Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan, Turkmen State University named after Magtymguly, Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy of Turkmenistan, Ahal Velayat Hyakimlik, Central Bank of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of the Population of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Industry and Communication of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan, Ministry of Finance and Economy of Turkmenistan and «Turkmenstandartlary» Main State Service.

Project team leader Mr. Folkert Milch and project coordinator Mr. Babahan Berdiyev opened the meeting with a brief explanation about the aims of the meeting.  The project key expert Mr. Eduard Zakharchenko presented the mandate of the WGHRM and explained about the status and goals of the mandate, functions of WGHRM, organization of activities which would be conducted in regular basis and introduced preliminary work plan of the WGHRM. Terms of the mandate were agreed among the participants.

The project expert Mr. Harry List made a presentation to share modern HR practices in Public Administration. Main discussion points were about evolution of HRM, roles between HR department and line management, strategic workforce planning, recruitment and selection, competence management and motivation. Mr. List presented to participants a questionnaire and requested to fill it out highlighting important topics which will be further included in the HR training programmes and discussed in the international conference on HRM.

The WGHRM was created in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the EU funded Project to train at least 100 civil servants from personnel management and other relevant departments of state bodies and local governments in human resource management and human resource development issues