Advanced Cybersecurity Trainings – Server/Client and web technologies

The Advanced Cybersecurity Trainings keep on gaining the IT specialists’ interest by introducing different approaches to ensuring the cyberspace security. The second day of the event was organized in the conference hall of the Academy of Civil Service under the President of Turkmenistan with online participation of the international expert Mr. Urmas Aavasalu.

The training session covered cognitive topics on the defense security. The expert presented in details such cybersecurity items as attacks and vulnerabilities, HTTP & HTTPS, GET vs POST, RESTful Services (APIs), HTTP Headers, Client side technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XSS, EKs & drive-by-download, Server side: LAMP, Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, IIS and discussed them with the participants combining theoretical lecture with practical examples.

For consolidation of the introduced session Mr. Aavasalu assigned to the participants a task to fix bugs of the webpage designed by the expert and shared with them the link of the website. The training session was concluded with active discussions and sharing experiences of participants with the expert.

The Advanced Cybersecurity Trainings organized within the limits of the European Union-funded project “Support for Public Administration Capacity Building in Turkmenistan” are intended for deepening the knowledge of the IT personnel working in Turkmen civil service in cybersecurity as well as for facilitating their task in development of digital economy of Turkmenistan.

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